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Through the guest Information Portal of trade barriers, you can report the trade-related problems found in your destination markets (in non-member countries of the European Union). this way you can get help to solve them.

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S.G. of commercial policy UE


Royal Decree 998/2018, 3 August, (BOE 04/08/2018)

that develops the basic structure of the ministry of industry, trade and tourism


Article 4. Overall Direction of trade policy and competitiveness.

The General Direction of trade policy and competitiveness has the powers conferred the current legislation on trade policy and international competitiveness and interior, and in particular, the following:

to) in trade policy and international competitiveness:

3.ª detecting and removing barriers to trade, investment and public procurement both in third countries as in the internal market of the European union.

2. Depend on the General direction of trade policy and competitiveness the following general sections:

to) The General Office trade policy to perform HAT and participate in functions 1.ª and 12th of subsection a) of paragraph 1 in relation to the European Union, and in the function 2.ª Will also the role 3.ª of subsection a) of paragraph 1 in relation to third countries.

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