Procedures and electronic services

Through procedures and electronic services to facilitate access to all the services of electronic administration that the ministry makes available to citizens and businesses, pursuant to law 39/2015, of 1 october, of Common Administrative Procedure of the Public administrations. Allowing telematics to interact with the ministry of Industry and tourism, both for the submission of applications, claims and other procedures to track the status of processing and the receipt of communications and notifications.

This Electronic used to its procedures the @firma electronic signature.

Equally, there is an additional payment gateway that will allow users to the electronic payment with electronic signature in those procedures that need it.

The Ministry provides, in turn, an electronic record to ensure verifiably all transactions made through the procedures and electronic services. It consists of all operations of the entry and exit. In each operation of the date and time spanish official.

In addition, it is also available a platform of electronic signature, by which the user can access the validity of its electronic certificates and electronic form of any file in XAdES format (XML Advanced Electronic Signatures) ”. It is recommended to enter the information that you will find onElectronic signatureat headquarters.