Legal notice

Headquarters responsibility

Article 2 Order IET / 842 / 2012, 18 April, creating the electronic site in the ministry deIndustria, energy and tourism (current Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism) states:

  • In suapartado d), the title of the electronic site will correspond to the branch deIndustria, energy and tourism (current Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism).
  • In suapartado and), the management of the seat will be the responsibility of the branch deIndustria, energy and tourism (current Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism), that the exercise through the General Office information technology and communications.
  • In suapartado (f), will be responsible for the contents and services available to citizens in the seat holders of senior bodies and managers of the ministry deIndustria, energy and tourism (current Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism) and, in its case, public agencies that join headquarters. The responsibility will match the powers that each of the incumbents have attributed by the current legislation.

Article 38 of the law 40 / 2015, 1 October, of Legal Regime of the public Sector.:

  • The establishment of an electronic headquarters entails the holder's responsibility regarding the completeness, accuracy and updating of information and services that may be accessed via the same.
  • Every Public Administration will determine the conditions and instruments of creation of electronic headquarters, subject to the principles of transparency, publicity, responsibility, quality, safety, availability, accessibility, neutrality and interoperability. In any case must be guaranteed the identification of the body holder of headquarters, as well as the means available for making suggestions and complaints..
  • Electronic headquarters have systems that allow the establishment of secure communications whenever necessary.

In this sense of the ministry Electronic laSede you a link, when left headquarters.

Privacy and data protection

Since the next page you can access information regarding the privacy of your data.

Intellectual and industrial property

The design of this location and its source code, logos, trademarks and other distinctive signs apearing in the same belong to the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism or its agencies dependent, and are protected by the corresponding intellectual property rights.

Prohibited the total or partial reproduction of the contents of the website without mentioning its origin or seek authorization.

In order to keep updated information published at headquarters, the contents its contents may be modified, corrected, removed or added at any time, so it is advisable to check the validity or accuracy of the same look to official sources.

The Ministry is not responsible for the replies made through the different email addresses contained in these pages, except the one's own department. The information obtained through the mailboxes contained in these pages has merely informative character, without that under no circumstances may arise from it any binding legal effect (Royal Decree 208 / 1996, art. 4 (b. BOE n. 55 of 4 / 3 / 1996).

Terms of use for reuse of data

According to Article 8 of the law 18 / 2015, 9 July, amending the law 37 / 2007 of 16 November, on the reuse of public sector information, apply the following general conditions for all those datasets offered within section Open Data:

  1. The content of the information, including their metadata, is not altered.
  2. That is not hinder the meaning of the information.
  3. The source is acknowledged.
  4. That mention the date of the last update.
  5. When information contain personal data, the purpose or specific purposes for which it is possible to reuse future of data.
  6. When information, still being provided so decoupled, contain sufficient elements that could enable the identification of stakeholders in the process of reuse, the prohibition of reversing the procedure of decoupling by adding new data from other sources.

Measures of protection from abuse or robot.

The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism reserves the right to make technical changes at headquarters, without notice, to preserve its availability before any abusive or uses robotic access.