Detail of Electronic Procedures

Is the instrument whereby the ministry of energy, tourism and Digital Agenda may challenge before the court order contencioso-administrativo acts favourable for stakeholders that are voidable pursuant to Article 48 of the law 39/2015, 1 October, Common Administrative procedure of public administrations, upon his statement of harm to the public interest.
Access Mode
Digital Certificate Cl@ve
Management Centre
Under Secretariat for Industry and Tourism - E05034701
Directorate General
General Secretary Tecnica
Management unit
S.G. resources, Claims and Relations with the administration of justice
Appeals and Claims

Submission of applications

Term of the proceedings
Continuing, since 10/2/2015In time


Article 107 of law 39/2015, 1 October, (BOE 02/10/2015)

Common Administrative procedure of public administrations.

Access procedure

Digital Certificate

Access to the procedure with Digital

Proceedings in existing claims

Remedy of formal defects

Request for change of representative or data relating to notification

Presentation of allegations

Consultation of files


Submission of declarations of invalidity

Access to the procedure with Cl@ve

Actions on existing resources

Correction of formal defects

Request for change of representative or information for the purpose of notification

Presentation of pleadings

Consultation of files

Additional information

information on the procedure [PDF] [100 KB]

Information form

Management Information System Procedures

S.I.A. Code: 996902

Información sobre tratamientos de Datos de Carácter Personal

S.I.A. Code: 996902

Información básica de Protección de Datos

Responsable del Tratamiento - 1º Nivel
Subsecretaría de Industria y Turismo
Finalidad del Tratamiento
Resolución y notificación de los recursos y reclamaciones
Base Jurídica del Tratamiento
Ley 39/2015,art. 106 a 126
Información adicional y derechos
Puede consultar información adicional y sobre el ejercicio de sus derechos en: https://www.mintur.gob.es/es-es/proteccion-datos/

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