Identification of headquarters

Article 11 of the royal decree 203/2021 of 30 march, approving the regulations and functioning of the public sector through electronic means, determines that the electronic site must identify the holder and the body or bodies responsible for the management and services available to citizens at the same.

The title of the electronic site will be up to the under-secretary of the ministry of industry and tourism. The technological management of headquarters will be the responsibility of the Under-secretary of the ministry of Industry and tourism, which will exercise it through the subdirectorate General of Information and Communications.

Will be responsible for the management of content and services available to citizens at headquarters holders of higher and directors of the ministry of industry and tourism and, where appropriate, public agencies that are incorporated to headquarters. The responsibility will be matched with the powers that each of the holders have attributed by the legislation in force.

The identification of headquarters will be carried out through headquarters certificate, certificate of server which houses the information or any other secure device certificate or equivalent means in accordance with Royal Decree 203/2021, 30 march.

Subsidiary offices

Sub-Department of enterprise and a small and medium-sized enterprises

Other Electronic Headquarters

Electronic headquarters Registrar

Electronic headquarters of the spanish patents and trademark bureau

Electronic headquarters of the institute for the restructuring of the coal mining and on alternative development in the coal-mining areas