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For the exclusive NOTICE procedures of the secretariat of state for trade

Owing to recent changes in the ministerial structure, procedures of the secretariat of state for trade are available in the electronic site economics, trade and enterprise.

You can access them in the following link:https :// sede.mineco.gob.es/en/procedimientos-y-servicios-electronicos/areas-tematicas/trade? page = 5.

Before any technical problem, with its mandate, has to address the following contact:caucaso@economia.gob.es.


Authorization to dealers to compensate for the difference between the income from tariffs for access to networks and the revenue which they were entitled to continue the supply rate

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Management Centre
State Secretariat for Energy - E05032001
Directorate General
Address General of Politica Energetica and mines
Management unit
S. of Energia Electrica
Electrical energy


Law 54 / 1997, of 27 november, Electric Sector (BOE 28/11/1997)

Royal Decree 2819 / 1998 of 23 december (BOE 30/12/1998)

Regulating transport operations and distribucion of energia electrica.

Order of 14 june 1999 (BOE 17/06/1999)

Establishing the retribucion of the activity of distribucion of energia electrica.

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Management Information System Procedures

S.I.A. Code: 991817
Compensar la diferencia entre los ingresos obtenidos por tarifas de acceso a redes y los ingresos de continuar el suministro a tarifa: autorización

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