Detail of Electronic Procedures


Request for the official inspection unit for the species covered by the Ec Regulation No 338/1997, concerning the protection of species of wild fauna and flora by regulating trade, in addition to CITES species.

Electronic site inspection service CITES for the application of the following documents:

  • Import notifications
Access Mode
Digital Certificate
Management Centre
Secretariat of state of Trade - E05030801
Directorate General
General Direction of trade policy
Management unit
S.G. of Inspection, certification and technical assistance of foreign trade

Access procedure

Digital Certificate

Introduction the telematics applications:

Access to the form for notification of imports and document inspection CITES no CITES/

Support information for all access modes

With regard to the notifications of Imports, as customs declarations and do not require prior authorization, to be submitted for consideration with the completed form with the relevant documentation.

Download application forms (in pdf format):

For matters related to border checks, please contact the inspectorates of the territorial directorates and relevant provincial (Contact)

Management Information System Procedures

S.I.A. Code: 223856
Document of inspection of Species Subject to Control (DIESAC)

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