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The purpose of the national awards Industry is in fact Connected 4.0 to spanish companies in the industrial sector that have highlighted to develop a progressive and continued effort in order to boost their competitiveness through interventions and projects of digitizing innovative character in any of the following areas: Business strategy and the market, processes, Organization and people, infrastructure, and Products and services.

The Prizes include a trophy representative and do not lead to economic strength as honorary some awards.

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State Secretariat for Industry - E04934403
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Dimensioning, since 5/6/2024 to 7/21/2024Out of time


Order of Foundations ITC/820/2020, of 25 august (BOE 07/09/2020) establishing the regulatory basis for the organization, management and concession of the national awards Industry Connected 4.0

Resolution of 26 april 2024 (BOE 06/05/2024), the secretariat of state for industry, which convened national awards Connected 4.0 Industry for the year 2024.

Resolution of 17 june 2024 (BOE 18/06/2024), the secretariat of state for industry, to extend the deadline for nominations to the national awards Industry Connected 4.0, for the convening of the year 2024, made a ruling on 26 april 2024.


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The deadline for applications will begin on 6 may 2024 the 10:00 hours and expire on 2 july 2024 the 18:00 hours.

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National Awards Connected Industry 4.0

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