Registro electrónico (estado de tramitación del expediente)

To read notifications for the first time, it is necessary to accept electronically sign

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a) access to Electronic Register of the ministry

access with certificate Access to digital certificate

If you agree with your digital certificate you can see all the files that are linked to the certificate CAN BE submitted at the time of access, as well as all entries and exits all that he had received the ministry.

  • In each file are their states of processing and you can see all the inputs and outputs contained therein.
  • Each entry in the documents provided and you can download a receipt of the electronic register.
  • At each departure the documents submitted by the ministry and you can also download a receipt of the electronic register. If the output is an electronic notification, to read for the first time will have to be electronically signed that accepts it. After this acceptance be read like the rest of departures.

Access to electronic register with digital certificate

file access code Access by the code of file (username and password)

Anyone familiar with the user and password assigned by the ministry to a particular dossier can access all content (states of the pipeline, arrivals and departures), except to the outstanding electronic notifications.

In each entry or exit from this case the documents submitted or transferred by the Ministry, as well as the receipt of the register. But they can only be read in the electronic notifications that have been duly accepted with an electronic signature of the addressee. To transfer procedures carried out on the files must have a digital certificate.

Can also be assigned username and password only to a specific entry or exit, provided that this is not an exit-type electronic reporting.

Access to electronic register by code file

access to key Access through Cl@ve

If you did a"" advanced Registration,Cl@ve, you can use identification systems Cl@ve PIN or permanent Cl@ve gain access to and see all the files which contain as interested, as well as all entries she has done and all the exits from the ministry directed at you.

The identification by Cl@ve is similar to access to electronic certificate, unless it does not allow electronic speaking notifications that have not been accepted in advance by the addressee. This consent must be as shown in Access to digital certificate. To make the procedures on the files must have a digital certificate.

Access to electronic register through Cl@ve

(b) access to Electronic Register General of the General state administration

For the submission of requests, submissions and communications relating to services, processes and procedures that do not have specific applications support, as well as to consult the registry entries made in this way, you can use the service ofElectronic Register of General access point to the General state administration