Registro electrónico (estado de tramitación del expediente)

a) Access to the Ministry's Electronic Registry

acceso con certificadoAccess with certificateAccess with digital certificate

If you access using your digital certificate you will be able to see all the files you have in this Ministry, as well as all the inputs you have made and all the outputs sent by the Ministry, including the electronic notifications pending to be read.

  • Each file shows its processing status and you can see all the inputs and outputs it contains.
  • Each input shows the documents provided and a receipt can be downloaded from the electronic register.
  • Each output shows the documents sent by the Ministry and you can also download a receipt from the electronic register. If the output is an electronic notification, in order to read it for the first time you will have to sign electronically that you accept its reciept. After this acceptance you will be able to read it like all other outputs.

The electronic signature requires the use of Java technology, so you will not be able to accept electronic notifications with browsers that do not support it, such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Access the electronic register with digital certificate

acceso código expedienteAccess by file codeAccess by file code (user and password).

Any person who knows the username and password assigned by the Ministry to a specific file can access all of its content (processing status, inputs and outputs), except for electronic notifications pending acceptance.

For each input or output of the file in question, the documents provided or sent by the Ministry are shown, as well as the receipt of the registration. However, only electronic notifications that have been previously accepted with the electronic signature of the addressee can be read.

A user name and password can also be assigned only to a specific input or output, as long as it is not an output of the electronic notification type.

Access to the electronic register by file code

acceso con claveAccess with passwordAccess via Cl@ve

If you are registered in Cl@ve, you can use the Cl@ve PIN or Cl@ve permanent identification systems to access the register and view all the files in which you are listed as an interested party, as well as all the entries you have made and all the exits from the Ministry addressed to you, except for electronic notifications pending acceptance.

Identification using Cl@ve is similar to access with an electronic certificate, except that it does not allow you to read electronic notifications that have not been previously accepted by the recipient. This acceptance must be done as indicated in Access with digital certificate.

Access to the electronic register using Cl@ve

b) Access to the General Electronic Register of the General State Administration

o submit applications, documents and communications related to services, procedures and formalities that do not have specific support applications, as well as to consult the registration entries made in this way, you can use the Electronic Register service of the General Access Point of the General State Administration.