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Granting direct aid, in the form of subsidies, to boost the acquisition in Spain of vehicles with the best available technologies, allowing the replacement of older vehicles by models cleaner and safer, while incorporating environmental and social criteria.

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Royal Decree Law 25/2020, 3 July (BOE 06/07/2020)

urgent measures to support economic recovery and employment.

Royal Decree Law 28/2020, 22 September (BOE 23/09/2020)

of work remotely.

Command ICT/971/2020, 15 October (BOE 17/10/2020)

by which develops the program for fleet renewal Spanish circulating in 2020 (Renove 2020 Plan) and amending Annex II of the royal Decreto-ley 25/2020, 3 July, urgent measures to support economic recovery and employment.

All procedures related to the RENOVE 2020 Plan should be conducted solely and exclusively through the telematic system of management of the Plan RENOVE of the electronic site of the ministry of industry, trade and tourism. Therefore, the documentation submitted through Administrative records (Electronic Registration Overall AGE, Comprehensive searches of Ministries, Autonomous communities, Councils, etc.) is not valid to conduct and/or modify the request the Plan RENOVE 2020, as established in Article 4 of Annex 2 of the royal Decreto-ley 25/2020, 3 July, urgent measures to support economic recovery and employment.

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Access to the simulator of calculation of aid

Support information for all access modes

User Manual [PDF] [2107 KBPS]: information and system requirements to make a request for help.

Highlights the following information:

  • To request an aid of the plan RENOVE 2020 is necessary to be identified by electronic certificateIndividualthrough the Cl@ve system.
  • The system of the Plan RENOVE 2020 signature components used to submit the request for help signed by the applicant. It is not necessary to undertake any action of signature manual, the system takes the signature using own signature components, using the applicant's certificate indicating at the time of the signature.
  • To ensure the success of the signature, since not all browsers support the use of applets or similar components, you must download the latest version of Self-Signature, available in thePortal of Electronic Administration
  • To check that it is prepared to submit an application, you can validate your certificate and make a signature example in theValidate platform.
  • For further information on electronic signature, you can consult thePortal of Electronic Administration

Additional information

All the information of the plan RENOVE 2020, as FAQs help guide, download models, etc., can be found on thePortal RENOVE

Currently available are all the necessary forms to perform the application: (1) the simulator, (2) the reservation form of credit, (3) the form to attach the required documentation for validation of the application, (4) the form to correct certain data entered incorrectly on the reservation of credit whose modification is allowed, (5) the form for modification of representative and (6) the cancellation form.

Management Information System Procedures

S.I.A. Code: 231459
Program of current fleet renewal Spanish in 2020 (RENOVE 2020 PLAN)

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