Self-signature is a tool of desktop with graphical interface that allows the execution of operations of signing of local files in desktop environments (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X). Offers the possibility of making signatures of any type of document easily.  

Download the latest version of Self-Signature

Download version 1.6.2 of Self-Signature Win10 _ 64 [ZIP][111 KB]

To configure the application to generate Self-Signature signature XAdES format (file with extension xsig), follow the instructions below: 

Access theTools Menu, select the option Settings

Ventana AutoFirma 

In General Tab select format XAdES for any type of document, except electronic invoices (Virtual format is maintained). to finish Applied and accept changes. 

Ventana preferencias configuración firma electrónica 

Can expand information about this and other applications available on the portal of electronic signature.