Modalities for reuse

Article 4 of act 37/2007, as amended by act no. 18/2015, the modalities of reusing data on the public sector, including:

  1. Reuse of documents made available to the public without conditions.
  2. Reuse of documents made available to the public with conditions established in licencias-tipo.
  3. Reuse of documents upon request, pursuant to the procedure provided for in article 10 or, where appropriate, in the autonomous legislation, which can incorporate these scenarios conditions laid down in a licence.
  4. Exclusive agreements in accordance with the procedure set out in article 6.

What are the general conditions?

Article 8 of act 37/2007, also amended by act no. 18/2001, establishes the following general conditions for the reuse of documents:

  1. That the content, including their metadata, not be altered.
  2. That does not hinder the meaning of the information.
  3. The source is acknowledged.
  4. To mention the date of the last update.
  5. When information contains data on a personal nature, purpose or specific purposes for which it is possible to reuse future of the data.
  6. When information, despite being provided in a separate, contain sufficient elements which may permit the identification of stakeholders in the process of re-use, the prohibition to reverse the procedure of disassociation with the addition of new data from other sources.

For more information on how to use the data consute theTerms of use.