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The fund for internationalization (FIEM) is a tool managed by the secretariat of state for trade and set up in 2010 with the sole aim of providing official financial support the internationalization of spanish companies in line with the new challenges and needs of international trade.

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S.G. financial stimulation of internationalization
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Law 11/2010, of 28 june (BOE 29/06/2010)

for the reform of financial support for the internationalization of the spanish company.

Royal Decree 1797/2010, of 30 december (BOE 20/01/2011)

by approving the regulations of enterprise internationalization.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:Before accessing the forms to complete your application must read help information that appears in paragraph "support information for all modes of access".

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Support information for all access modes

If given a role to play in the completion of the requests please contact the Virtual Office, explaining the problem and attaching, depending on the case, the screens of error. Please provide details of your name and phone number and one of our technicians will contact you, on the phone that indicates, in the shortest possible time.

For any clarification regarding the processing of your request can be contacted via email:

It is recommended to read the following documents relating to the submission of applications.

A document of instructions for submission of requests FIEM [PDF] [2889 KB]

Technical requirements for the submission of applications [PDF] [47 KB]

Solutions to possible technical problems [PDF] [702 KB]

Here you find models of some documents needed to continue with the application is being processed: breakdown of exports of goods and services responsible for the exporter Declaration, the Statement of the exporter liable in the prevention of money-laundering and financing of terrorism, the declaration responsible for the Foreign Buyer or certificates of Social security payments and tax authority (see annexes III, V, VI and VII)

Annexes to the request FIEM [ZIP] [221 KB]

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Computer application of the fund for the company internationalization

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