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Applications for certificates of Importación-exportación of agricultural products and foodstuffs (AGRIM/AGREX and REA)
Access Mode
Digital Certificate
Management Centre
Secretariat of state of Trade - E05030801
Directorate General
General Direction of trade policy
Management unit
S.G. of International Trade of goods
Certifications and declarations

Submission of applications

Term of the proceedings
Continuing, since 4/1/2019In time


Order of 26 february 1986 (BOE 07/03/1986)

which regulates the bail in import and export operations.

Order of 24 november 1998, (BOE 03/12/1998)

which regulates the procedure for the processing of administrative authorizations and import prior notifications of imports.

Circular of 3 april 2014, in the General directorate of trade and investment, (BOE 11/04/2014)

concerning the procedure and the processing of imports and introductions of goods and their trade regimes.

There have been the work of updating of the technology platform on “ Importación-exportación certificates of agricultural products and foodstuffs (AGRIM/AGREX and REA) ”.

It has changed the form of submission of applications.

You can see the changes in the instruction manual, in section “ help information. ”

We can continue submitted applications for certificates normally

Access procedure

Digital Certificate

You can request the following:

Support information for all access modes

A document of instructions for Certificates and AGRIM-AGREX REA [PDF] [2038 KB]

(Document for the new application available from thursday 8-Febrero)

Technical requirements for the submission of documentation [PDF] [47 KB]

For any clarification regarding the processing of your application you can contact the sub-department for international merchandise Trade through the e-mail:sgagro.sscc@mincotur.es

For any computer problem has been made available to them a document with solutions to possible technical problems that might arise in the submission of applications:

Solutions to possible technical problems [PDF] [2336 KB]

If after reviewing this document is continuing its problem file a bug in the e-mailOficinaVirtual@serviciosmin.gob.esthe simplest terms, and attaching, depending on the case, the screens of error. Please provide details of your name and phone number and one of our technicians will contact you, on the phone that indicates, in the shortest possible time.

For any clarification regarding the processing of their request, please contact the Telephone: Agri-Foodstuffs - 91-3 49-37-94

Management Information System Procedures

S.I.A. Code: 991025
Management of import certificates, and for assistance under the specific supply arrangements (REA)
S.I.A. Code: 991070
Management of the certificates of import or export of agricultural products and foodstuffs under a regime of common certification (AGRIM/AGREX)

Información sobre tratamientos de Datos de Carácter Personal

S.I.A. Code: 991070

Información básica de Protección de Datos

Responsable del Tratamiento - 1º Nivel
Secretaría de Estado de Comercio
Finalidad del Tratamiento
control de los agentes económicos que comercializan frutas y hortalizas frescas (art.10 Reglamento)
Base Jurídica del Tratamiento
Reglamento UE 543/2011
Información adicional y derechos
Puede consultar información adicional y sobre el ejercicio de sus derechos en: https://www.mincotur.gob.es/es-es/proteccion-datos/

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