Detail of Electronic Procedures


Requests relating to:

  • Data communication addressee of notifications
  • Non-renewal of enabling titles
  • Secondary market for concessions granted by tender
  • Secondary market for broadcasting concessions (prior authorization)
  • Enabling title transfer not granted by tender (CASINO change the owner)
  • Cancellation of enabling titles (except for broadcasting concessions)
  • Exemption from rate per reservation radio public domain titles and associated paperwork existing
  • Response to a request for correction
  • Withdrawal of applications
  • Presentation of allegations
  • Other applications of a general nature
Access Mode
Management Centre
Secretariat of state of telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure - E05069801
Directorate General
Overall direction of Telecommunications and management of audio-visual communication services - E04796207
Management unit
Comprehensive inspection office of telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure
Radioelectric Spectrum

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