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The Royal Decree 251/2023, from 4 april, is to regulate the granting of a subsidy to ArcelorMittal España, S.A., for the implementation of the project “ circular ” Hydrogen DRI. This project has been selected as a result of an open call to form part of a great integrated transboundary project, designed jointly by several member states, and whose objective is to contribute significantly to the protection of the environment, in the common interest of the european union.

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Royal Decree 251/2023, from 4 april, which regulates the direct subsidy ArcelorMittal España S.A. company for the implementation of the draft circular hydrogen DRI, within the framework of the recovery Plan, transformation and Resilience

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If given a role to play in the completion of the requests please contact the Virtual Office, explaining the problem and attaching, depending on the case, the screens of error. Please provide details of your name and phone number and one of our technicians will contact you, on the phone that indicates, in the shortest possible time.

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For any clarification regarding the processing of your application you can contact the subdirectorate General Industrial Sectoral Policies through the e-mail:

It is recommended to read the following documents relating to the submission of applications.

Instructions to complete the form of subsidy and documents to upload:Solicitud.pdf guide [PDF] [433 KB]

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Royal Decree regulating the direct granting of subsidies to the company ArcelorMittal España S.A. for the execution of the DRI circular hydrogen project, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan

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