Detail of Electronic Procedures

Establishment of forced servitude of way for infrastructure installation of public electronic communications networks.
Access Mode
Digital Certificate
Management Centre
Secretariat of state of telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure - E05069801
Directorate General
Overall direction of Telecommunications and management of audio-visual communication services - E04796207
Management unit
Comprehensive inspection office of telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure


Access procedure

Digital Certificate

The request will contain the name of social that reason the operator.

The request must be submitted by an authorised representative of the operator. Was accompanied to that the supporting documentacion of this approval;

To the request was accompanied document confirming the inclusion of the operator applicant in the Public Register of operators.

Information concerning / s farm / s affected / spor the project technical.

To the request was accompanied a relation, if several, of the holdings concerned and the following information for each of them:

  • Description is whether urban or rustica.
  • Description of ubicacion.
  • Description of the boundaries.
  • Identification of the owners or holders of some right on the farm and description of their respective homes for the purposes of notification.
  • Registration certificate regarding ownership of property rights existing on the (s) farm (s).

Urgent procedure

To apply the urgent action procedure in the taxation of debt, the operator annexed to the application have imposed justificacion the public service obligations referred to in article 22 or in paragraphs 1 and 2 of article 25 of the General law on Telecommunications.


To the request was accompanied a project technical concrete and detailing publishes telecommunication network on which it is based.

Adducing norms or specifications internal tecnicas of the operator where reference is made to them in the project.

Need to be included in the plans, drawings on fotografias or any other document figure to know the exact delineation of the instalacion and their details.

Need for the occupation

The author of the draft incluira in the same a justificacion the need for the occupation. Time-bound. tecnicos and the reasons justifying economicos proposed route on other possible that, where appropriate, may be. in particular, consideration be given to the alternative option of using public lands..

Regarding the necessity of occupation, is not admissible justifications genericas.

Mutual agreement attempts

The operator annexed to the application a copy of the correspondence (sent and received) maintained with owners of proving unsuccessful attempts in amicable settlement.

Economic assessing servitude

Incluira Draft the calculation of the extension of the necessary to tax that sera instalacion with the subject of bondage.

Nomination surrender of information

To complete the aid application

Tecnicos requirements for signature electronica.

Management Information System Procedures

S.I.A. Code: 990880
General procedure of expropiacion

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