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The obligors of the National Energy Efficiency Obligations (marketers of electricity, natural gas marketers, wholesale operators of petroleum products and wholesale operators of liquefied petroleum gases) must submit, before 30 September each year sales data to corresponding final energy nationwide last year.

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Law 18/2014, 15 October (BOE 17/10/2014)

For approval of urgent measures to growth, competitiveness and efficiency.

Resolution of 30 April 2015 of the General direction of energy policy and mines (BOE 18/05/2015)

Specifying the procedure for the completion of the obligation to send information by entities of system of energy efficiency obligations regarding its sales of energy.

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Management Information System Procedures

S.I.A. Code: 202578
Means for fulfilling the obligacion of consignment of the information of certain enterprises, as stated in paragraph 2 of article 70 of the law 18 / 2014, 15 october, of aprobacion of urgent measures.

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