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For the exclusive NOTICE procedures of the secretariat of state for trade

Owing to recent changes in the ministerial structure, procedures of the secretariat of state for trade are available in the electronic site economics, trade and enterprise.

You can access them in the following link:https :// sede.mineco.gob.es/en/procedimientos-y-servicios-electronicos/areas-tematicas/trade? page = 5.

Before any technical problem, with its mandate, has to address the following contact:caucaso@economia.gob.es.


This action aims to boost the decarbonisation of productive processes of the manufacturing industry in spain, as well as to contribute to achieving the goals set in investment 5 and 7 “ investments supporting industrial decarbonisation component REPowerEU, Chapter 31 of the implementation decision of the council, to amend the decision of Implementation (EU) of 13 july 2021, specifically to the goals, 492 491 and 493, the subsidy and milestones L83 L84 L85, and the loan.

Projects are funded tractors comprising one or more primary projects leading to the decarbonisation of a single manufacturing facility in operation, so-called “ facility ”, which may or may not be under ETS (ets). All primary projects should contribute to this objective.


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Management Centre
State Secretariat for Industry - E04934403
Directorate General
Overall Direccion industry and small and medium enterprises
Management unit
S. of Sectoral Policies Industrial
Subsidies, Grants and Awards

Submission of applications

Term of the proceedings
Dimensioning, since 1/24/2024 to 4/17/2024Out of time

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Management Information System Procedures

S.I.A. Code: 3030267
Comprehensive action aid for the decarbonization of the manufacturing industry

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