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Owing to recent changes in the ministerial structure, procedures of the secretariat of state for trade are available in the electronic site economics, trade and enterprise.

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The Major Project of Common European Interest on Microelectronics and communication technologies (I/TC) aims to promote the pan-european partnership in this area, bringing together industry actors throughout the entire value chain of semiconductors, from raw material until the end systems. In its application aimed, among other objectives, creating connectivity microelectronics and be at the forefront of the state of art of the world; promoting electronic systems and infrastructure of manufacture of large energy saving and resources; as well as promote european standards for data security and safety at all levels of the value chain of microelectronics, especially in the field of communications.

In this regard, this programme is aimed at granting seek competitive, not of spanish subsidies to organizations recognized in decision C (2023) final 50 of 8 june 2023, of the european commission as participants in the IPCEI ME/TC for the implementation of projects that make up the same.

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Management Centre
State Secretariat for Industry - E04934403
Directorate General
Overall Direccion industry and small and medium enterprises
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S.G. Digitization industry and Collaborative Environments
Subsidies, Grants and Awards

Submission of applications

Term of the proceedings
Dimensioning, since 2/16/2024 to 2/29/2024Out of time


Order ITU/1374/2023of 22 december, which establishes the regulatory basis for granting aid to direct participants and partners in the Major Project of Common European Interest of Microelectronics and communication technologies (IPCEI ME/CT), and we shall now proceed to the early convening of the year 2024, to direct participants in the framework of the recovery Plan, transformation and Resilience.

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Remediation procedure

Support information for all access modes

Models for the documentation to be presented to the request of assistance:

Online request IPCEI.docx [DOCX] [122 KB]

Model statement of the absence of conflict of interest [DOCX] [94 KB]

Report of the project [DOCX] [47 KB]

Page of budget and planning of proceedings [XLSX] [245 KB]

IMPORTANT: When filing the application, include those four documents completed in pdf format and signed by the legal representative of the entity.

Additional information

Contact: Mailbox IPCEI-ME-TC officer:industriaIPCEI-ME-TC@mincotur.es

Website:IPCEI-ME-TC aid


Management Information System Procedures

S.I.A. Code: 3017313
Granting of Aid to direct participants in the Important Project of Common European Interest in Microelectronics and Communication Technologies (IPCEI ME/CT), within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

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