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Electronic processing of foreign trade of defence materiel and dual-use

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Digital Certificate
Management Centre
Secretariat of state of Trade - E05030801
Directorate General
General Direction of trade policy
Management unit
S.G. of International Trade of defence materiel and Dual-Use

Submission of applications

Term of the proceedings
Continuing, since 1/1/2023In time


Law 53/2007 of 28 december (BOE 29/12/2007)

on the control of foreign trade of defence materiel and dual-use items.

Royal Decree 679/2014, 1 august (BOE 26/08/2014)

by approving the regulations on control of foreign trade in defence materials, other equipment and dual-use goods and technologies.

On the occasion of the work on updating the technological platform in "foreign trade of defence materiel and dual-use",there will be a non-availability of such procedures in the electronic site on 9 and 10 may.


Access procedure

Digital Certificate

You can request the following:

  • License of transfer of defence materiel and dual-use
  • Global license of draft transfer of defence materiel
  • Prior agreement of transfer of defence materiel and dual-use
  • Application for registration and updating in the special register of Foreign Trade operators (REOCE)
  • General license intracommunity transfer of defence materiel
  • Certification request for the use of intracommunity general license
  • Global license of component transfer of defence materiel
  • Authorization of brokering services
  • Semi-Annual Report of statistics of the physical export of Defence
  • Semi-Annual Report of statistics Or Other Material Export
  • Semi-Annual Report of statistics to export dual-use goods and technologies

Access to the procedure with digital certificate

Support information for all access modes

A document of instructions from foreign trade of defence materiel and dual-use [PDF] [4146 KB]

Guest evalución of foreign trade operations in defence materials [PDF] [325 KB]

Report to the export of defence materiel [DOC] [58 KB]

Report to the export of other material [DOC] [58 KB]

Report to the export of Dual-Use material [DOC] [58 KB]

Technical requirements for the submission of applications [PDF] [47 KB]

For any clarification regarding the processing of your application you can contact the sub-department for International Trade in defence equipment and dual-Use via email:sgdefensa.sscc@mincotur.es

For any computer problem has been made available to them a document with solutions to possible technical problems that might arise in the submission of applications:

Solutions to possible technical problems [PDF] [702 KB]

If after reviewing this document is continuing its problem file a bug in the e-mail OficinaVirtual@serviciosmin.gob.esthe simplest terms, and attaching, depending on the case, the screens of error. Please provide details of your name and phone number and one of our technicians will contact you, on the phone that indicates, in the shortest possible time.

For any clarification regarding the processing of their request, please contact the Telephone: 91-3 49-24-91

Management Information System Procedures

S.I.A. Code: 991061
Foreign trade of defence materiel and dual-use

Información sobre tratamientos de Datos de Carácter Personal

S.I.A. Code: 991061

Información básica de Protección de Datos

Responsable del Tratamiento - 1º Nivel
Secretaría de Estado de Comercio
Finalidad del Tratamiento
Inscripción de los datos correspondientes a operadores de cpmercio exterior de material de defensa y doble uso que realicen actividades sometidas a lo dispuesto en la Ley 53/2007
Base Jurídica del Tratamiento
Ley 53/2007, RD 679/2014 de 1 de agosto
Información adicional y derechos
Puede consultar información adicional y sobre el ejercicio de sus derechos en: https://www.mincotur.gob.es/es-es/proteccion-datos/

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