Detail of Electronic Procedures

Notifications that must be submitted by electronic trust services providers that have the intention to start or modify the provision of qualified trust services in accordance with the Regulation(UE)  No 910 / 2014, the start or modification of activity communications  of the rest of electronic service providers in accordance with the Act on Electronic Signatures, as well as any other application, communication, reply to information request, or security incident notification..
Access Mode
Digital Certificate Cl@ve
Management Centre
Secretariat of State for Digital Progress - E05032701
Directorate General
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Management unit
S.G. of Services of the Information Society
Electronic trust services


Access procedure

Digital Certificate

Management Information System Procedures

S.I.A. Code: 990982
Reception procedure of notifications of Article 21 of Regulation (HAT) No 910 / 2014 on electronic identification and services and communications confidence article 30.2 of law 59 / 2003 of electronic signature

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