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Forms and equivalence to submit statements to the Strategic Reserve Corporation

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Address General of Politica Energetica and mines
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S.G. of hydrocarbons and New Fuels


Law no 34 / 1998 of 7 October, hydrocarbon sector (BOE 08/10/1998)

Royal Decree 1716 _ 2004 of 23 July (BOE 26/08/2004) 

Regulating the peacekeeping obligacion minimum stocks of natural gas diversificacion security, supply and the reserve July estrategicas Petroliferos products).

Resolution of 15 July 2002 (BOE 06/08/2002)

Of address general energetica policy and mines, approving the new official forms for the surrender of information to address general Politica energetica and of mines, the reserve July estrategicas Petroliferos products and to the Commission. national Energia

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Forms and coefficients of equivalence to submit statements to the July estrategicas reserves

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