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Gestion and recaudacion in period of voluntary contributions to the July Radio and Television to Spanish communications operators geografico electronicas scope of state or exceeding of a community autonoma and licensees and service providers audiovisual communication television geografico scope state or higher than that of a community autonoma.
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Law 8 / 2009, 28 August Corporacion fight Radio and Television Spanish. (BOE 31/08/2009)

Royal Decree 1004 / 2010, 5 August, which develops the law 8 / 2009, 28 August Corporacion fight Radio and Television Spanish. (BOE 03/08/2010)

PRE / order 2516 / 2015, 26 November, (BOE 28 / 11 / 2015)

Specifying the date on which the ministry of industry, Energy and tourism begins to exercise effectively certain functions in the audiovisual sector transferred by the law 3 / 2013, 4 June, from the creation of national markets and competition and by law 9 / 2014, 9 May, Large telecommunications.

Command IET / 2785 / 2015, 17 December, regulating certain aspects of the collection management of contributions to the Corporacion Radio and Television Spanish. (BOE 23/12/2015)

Access procedure

Digital Certificate

Communication of legal representative before the ministry for the realization of formalities connected with this procedure

Attention, to perform procedures and/or proceedings related to the input to the corporation RTVE requires digital certificate belonging to the legal representative of the passive subject of the input to the corporation RTVE, so it is imperative that previously is filled out this form of communication of data of the legal representative.

Input to form corporation Spanish Radio and television

Help to complete the application

Instructions form filling legal representative [PDF] [357 KBPS]

Instructions form input to the corporation Spanish Radio and television [PDF] [1542 KBPS]


Input to form corporation Spanish Radio and television

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